Found a good place for my 18-month-old-son

I had the pleasure of finding Orchard Valley in April of 2005. I was a stay-at-home mom, and decided I wanted to find a good place for my 18 month old son to start school. When we found Orchard Valley, I saw that they were hiring teachers. It seemed like a good fit for both my son and me, so I enrolled Dave and applied for myself. I thought I was applying for a temporary job, and would move on once my son finished kindergarten. Instead of just a job, I found a home. My co-workers are some of the most amazing people and teachers that I’ve ever met, and I consider myself privileged to work for the amazing administration team at OVLC. I’ve grown as a mom, a teacher, and a person since coming to work here, and count these last ten years as some of the most amazing in my professional life. Here’s to ten–maybe twenty–more!

Traci Tolbert

Orchard Valley Learning Center

Early Childhood Teacher and Mentor