Orchard Valley Learning Center
Who We Are

Our Philosophy

At Orchard Valley Learning Center, we provide a sequence of carefully planned early childhood programs, from our Infants and Toddlers to our three levels of Preschool, culminating with our own Private Kindergarten. We recognize that it is important to encourage children to value themselves as individuals, develop their own unique strengths and talents, and recognize the benefits of diversity within society.

We believe that by helping children to socialize effectively they develop positive and cooperative relationships. We provide a network of community resources and contacts that helps parents to provide creative solutions to situations and dilemmas facing families in our world today.

Our Vision

Our mission is to create a safe, positive, and loving environment for children with an emphasis on early education and childhood development. We strive to provide an optimal learning atmosphere, which is developmentally appropriate and a setting in which every child can experience success and develop confidence and independence—through guidance and leadership from qualified, caring and dedicated early childhood teachers. We strive to prepare children for success in their academic careers by providing numerous activities for cognitive development, including both structured and independent learning opportunities.

Our Facility

In January of 1998, Orchard Valley Learning Center joined the Bradford Early Education family. At 17,200 square feet, Orchard Valley Learning Center is the second largest center in our family, serving more than 240 families.

With over-sized playgrounds, a state-of-the-art kitchen, an outdoor swimming pool and our in-house curriculum, we offer our children an appropriate balance of play and learning every day.


We facilitate safe learning spaces


— Safe & Secure Environment

The safety and protection of your child is our number one priority at Orchard Valley Learning Center​. Our teachers are thoroughly screened prior to employment through our comprehensive hiring process which includes reference checks and a background check through the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and Central Registry. Our playgrounds have been designed to emphasize age-appropriate safe play. Other programs include safety and health education and children practice safety procedures on a regular basis. Finally, to add to your peace of mind, our security cameras and secured entry access system at our front door monitors traffic in and out of our center, along with the Raptor Visitor Management secure check-in and our coded family check-in system.


— Our Playground

Our spacious, secured and shaded playgrounds have been designed to emphasize age-appropriate safe play. Well-equipped with large play structures, heavy-duty trikes and large grassy areas, our playgrounds offer a variety of activities for active gross-motor play and development. A spacious play area is designated just for toddlers with special play structures designed specifically for toddler safety. To add to peace of mind, our security cameras offer continual monitoring.


— Onsite Swimming Pool

One of the best summer experiences for your child will be the opportunity to swim regularly in our beautiful in-ground swimming pool. At a mere 3 ½ feet deep, our pool encourages confidence in our young swimmers. We offer both daily swim time and formal swimming instructions taught and monitored by certified lifeguards. Our pool is secured by a safety fence, which is locked at all times, and is monitored through the closed-circuit camera system.


— Nutrition, Health & Safety

At Orchard Valley Learning Center, we place a strong emphasis on the health and nutrition of our children. We work quarterly with a registered dietitian to ensure our menus follow official guidelines for child care meals and snacks. We strive to serve kid-friendly, uncomplicated, familiar dishes that allow for flexibility to accommodate food allergy, religious and lifestyle restrictions. Our menus emphasize at least 2 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. Our lunch entrees aim to follow the USDA’s Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion’s “MyPlate” philosophy. Our cook is SAFE certified and prepares all meals in our state-of-the-art kitchen with recipes largely based on home-style cooking.

Regular visits from our on-call registered nurse help us to maintain the health of our children, and all staff are trained in CPR, First Aid and Universal Precautions. Our administration and selected staff are also specifically trained through the state approved Medication Administration.

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