Our Curriculum & On-Site

Developmental Evaluations

Milestone Checklists

At Bradford Early Education, we believe that every child should be given the time and space to develop their skills at their own pace. We have researched and developed a set of checklists for our Infant, Toddler, Junior Preschool and Preschool programs.

These checklists offer parents evaluations of their child’s progress at different points in their developmental journey.

B.E.E. Ready for School™ Assessment

Throughout the Pre-Kindergarten year, four year old children make tremendous growth in their academic, social and physical developments. Children begin to feel comfortable “in their own shoes” and express a new found desire and enjoyment in learning. The B.E.E. Ready for School™ assessment was developed to ensure each of our pre-kindergarten students are developing and strengthening their academic knowledge as well as work and social skills, ultimately displaying school readiness.

Our Curriculum

B.E.E. the Best

Developmentally appropriate play is what inspires young children to be passionate about their learning.

At Bradford Early Education, we believe that children are on their own developmental journey and that children should be challenged based on their individual interests, needs and capabilities. We endeavor to prepare our children for their academic careers by using scientific principles and empirically supported methods. As a Bradford Early Education school, we teach from a unique and independent curriculum.

Our comprehensive B.E.E. Curriculum places a strong emphasis on learning through play. Developmentally appropriate play is what inspires young children to be passionate about their learning.

B.E.E. Curriculum

Bradford Early Education takes their curriculum very seriously and has chosen to create a uniquely independent in-house curriculum; the B.E.E. Curriculum℠. This comprehensive B.E.E. Curriculum℠ places a strong emphasis on learning through play. 

In addition to our in-house B.E.E. Curriculum℠, we have selectively implemented highly respected curricula for our three, four and five year olds including Core Knowledge®, Everyday Mathematics®, Handwriting Without Tears®, and My Plate Nutrition®.

As a commitment to the families that attend Bradford Early Education schools, we have a Curriculum Director on staff to research, develop, monitor and improve the B.E.E. Curriculum℠ so it thoroughly and continuously encompasses all areas of development and mirrors B.E.E.’s mission, vision and values.

Core Knowledge®

The Core Knowledge® Sequence is a set of model guidelines describing fundamental competencies and specific knowledge that can provide a solid, coherent foundation for later learning in Kindergarten and beyond. The following focus areas are a base for the B.E.E. Curriculum for Preschoolers and Pre-Kindergarten:

Everyday Mathematics®

Everyday Mathematics® is a comprehensive Pre-K through grade 6 program developed to begin laying the groundwork for mathematical literacy at an earlier age,using content strands: Numbers & Numeration, Operations & Computation, Data & Chance, Measurement & Reference Frames, Geometry, Patterns, Functions and Algebra.

Bridges Mathematics®

A comprehensive K – 5th grade Common Core State Standards for Mathematics curriculum that focuses on proficiency with key skills, and ability to solve complex and novel problems. It blends direct instruction, structured investigation, and open exploration—material that is as linguistically, visually, and kinesthetically rich as it is mathematically powerful.

Handwriting Without Tears®

Handwriting Without Tears® is an award-winning program developed in response to an overwhelming request for hands-on teaching materials and strategies to make learning both fun and easy for Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students. It utilizes a multi-sensory approach that addresses different learning styles and invites active participation while teaching the easiest skills first and then building on that knowledge. There is no assumption of prior knowledge, which allows for every child to succeed.

Fill-A-Bucket Program

Children need to grow and develop “virtues” or “strengths of character.” This is a delightful series of children’s books that teach children how their behavior and words can directly impact the people they interact with each day as well as themselves. The series explains that everyone carries an invisible happiness bucket. Every time someone does something that makes us feel good our bucket becomes fuller and, in turn, so does theirs. The concept is also taken a step further, and explains that we have the ability to use our “lid” to keep hurtful things from dipping into our bucket.


Our students and staff use technology to implement lesson plans in the classroom while creating interactive and stimulating activities throughout the day. Technology promotes social skills like communication, positive interactions, helping friends and developing new friendships. Technology also promotes cognitive skills and a motivation for learning, time-on task ability, and hands-on experience with abstract concepts.

Part of the learning experience is staying connected and actively involved at home.  Follow these links for fun, engaging, and informative at-home resources.

B.E.E. considers the iPad® device as an effective, developmentally appropriate learning tool for the 21st century. The touch screen allows learners developing motor skills to practice those skills and our Directors have selected apps that provide multiple opportunities for early literacy learning that are always interactive.

At-Home Online Resources

B.E.E. Connected: Part of the learning experience is staying connected and actively involved at home.  Follow these links for fun, engaging, and informative at-home resources.