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About Orchard Valley Learning Center

Our Philosophy

At Orchard Valley Learning Center, we provide a sequence of carefully planned early childhood programs, from our Infants and Toddlers to our three levels of Preschool, culminating with our own Private Kindergarten. We recognize that it is important to encourage children to value themselves as individuals, develop their own unique strengths and talents, and recognize the benefits of diversity within society.

We believe that by helping children to socialize effectively they develop positive and cooperative relationships. We provide a network of community resources and contacts that helps parents to provide creative solutions to situations and dilemmas facing families in our world today.

Our Vision

Our mission is to create a safe, positive, and loving environment for children, with an emphasis on early education and childhood development. We strive to provide an optimal learning atmosphere, which is developmentally appropriate and a setting in which every child can experience success and develop confidence and independence—through guidance and leadership from qualified, caring and dedicated early childhood teachers. We strive to prepare our children for success in their academic careers by providing numerous activities for cognitive development, including both structured and independent learning opportunities.

Our Facility

In January of 1998, Orchard Valley Learning Center joined the Bradford Early Education family. At 17,200 square feet, Orchard Valley Learning Center is the second largest center in our family, serving more than 240 families.

With over-sized playgrounds, a state-of-the-art kitchen, an outdoor swimming pool and our in-house curriculum, we offer our children an appropriate balance of daily play and learning. >> Read More


B.E.E. the Best

Developmentally appropriate play is what inspires young children to be passionate about their learning.

At Bradford Early Education, we believe that children are on their own developmental journey and that children should be challenged based on their individual interests, needs and capabilities. We endeavor to prepare our children for their academic careers by using scientific principles and empirically supported methods. As a Bradford Early Education school, we teach from a unique and independent curriculum.

Our comprehensive B.E.E. Curriculum℠ places a strong emphasis on learning through play. Developmentally appropriate play is what inspires young children to be passionate about their learning.

B.E.E. Curriculum

Bradford Early Education takes their curriculum very seriously and has chosen to create a uniquely independent in-house curriculum; the B.E.E. Curriculum℠. This comprehensive B.E.E. Curriculum℠ places a strong emphasis on learning through play. 

In addition to our in-house B.E.E. Curriculum℠, we have selectively implemented highly respected curricula for our three, four and five year olds including Core Knowledge®, Everyday Mathematics®, Handwriting Without Tears®, and Food Friends®.

As a commitment to the families that attend Bradford Early Education schools, we have a Curriculum Director on staff to research, develop, monitor and improve the B.E.E. Curriculum℠ so it thoroughly and continuously encompasses all areas of development and mirrors B.E.E.’s mission, vision and values. >> READ MORE

Simply the BEST child center ever!

We have been so amazed with the caring teachers, kind and pleasant staff, safety, education, food quality – absolutely everything. I can’t say enough good things …

 – Rhonda G., Aurora, CO