I never knew my first job would turn into my career

I have been at Orchard Valley since 2008 and basically grew up here! From floater, to assistant teacher, to preschool & toddler teacher to then administrator and now Assistant Director…it’s been a beautiful journey! I never knew my first job would turn into my career. The experience I have had here has shaped who I am. I have met so many wonderful teachers who have supported me and taught me that teaching is more than “supervising” the children, it’s fostering the children’s environment in the new world they are exploring and supporting them as they learn about themselves!

Moving into an administration position has been a positive change that has made me feel part of a team! Jamie, the director, supports each and every staff member and creates a friendly environment that is so unique, it makes the teachers and families feel they are a part of something special.

Orchard Valley is my family and my home. I recommend Orchard Valley to anyone I meet because I believe in the care and support we provide for families and in supporting young minds and hearts!

Charity Combs

Orchard Valley Learning Center

Assistant Director